Tickets in Australia's 12 Most cassie young Expensive in the World, Indonesia One Cheapest

A survey showed that the price of tickets in Australia is one of the highest in the world, and Indonesia was ranked one of the cheapest.

This survey puts Australia ranked 12th most expensive country to travel by plane.

The survey was  Porn Tube conducted by the online travel agency, which publishes an annual index of airfares second.

In Australia, the average cost of travel by plane is $ AUD 39.45 (approximately USD 400 thousand) for the 100 km journey.

This ranking is done by, comparing domestic and international prices on air in 80 countries.

When reversed, Australia's position is at number 69, in terms of generosity on a plane, and this ranking is worse down five rankings from the previous year. say this rank is made to 'help the users menyadarai countries that provide the opportunity for an affordable trip. "

To create a ranking, perform an analysis of 1 million from each country, to find the average price of short-haul flights, and long distance, both cheap flight or regular flight.

The most inexpensive in the first rank is Malaysia, where the average ticket price is $ AUD 5.63 (approximately USD 50 thousand) per 100 km perjalannan.

Indonesia is the lowest in the top 10, along with Bulgaria, India, Turkey, Romania, Portugal, Thailand, Sweden and Spain.

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So which countries are more expensive to fly than Australia?

The most expensive in the world are Belgium, in the final rankings or 80, which is $ AUD 73.55 (approximately USD 700 thousand) per 100 km journey.

Other countries that entered the top 10 most expensive is the Netherlands, Qatar, Chile, United Arab Emirates, the Solomon Islands, Serbia, Austria, Lebanon and Oman.

So why ticket in Australia is expensive?

The high cost of labor
"The cost of wages covered 30 percent of the ticket." said Dr Tony Webber, CEO of Airline Intelligence and Research and former chief economist of the airline Qantas.

And indeed when seen in the list of 10 countries where the cheapest prices are in countries where labor wages are still relatively low such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Romania, and Indonesia.

Wages in Australia are much higher.

International Labor Organization (ILO) said that the increase in average wages in Australia rose about 10 percent in the last 10 years.

Elsewhere, lower wage increases at 5 percent in the United States, with Japan, Italy and the UK actually declined, as many as 2.6 and 7 percent.

So how to position these countries in the index this ticket?

Japan is in the lowest position 13, disuusul Italy at 21, England, ranked 27th and the United States ranked 30th.

So in fact there is a relationship between wages and the growth of wages of workers with ticket.

But besides that, there are also other factors that make the ticket in Australia is higher than in other countries.

Not much competition in Australia
"Australia is expensive compared to other countries because the market is relatively concentrated low here." said Dr. Webber.

"Domestically, the market is dominated by two companies namely Qantas and Virgin."

Due to the absence of competition, there is no attempt to make the prices cheaper.

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