Doctor Chen augmentation of Jav Meguri love let the girl pregnant death

Participating in the work of the cadres and the Department of health tp.hcm hero - tons, before the doctor, Dean of plastic surgery hospital tp.hcm teeth admitted directly to do breast augmentation surgery (Joan I give you 22 years old, apartment Porn HD Sex Residence District of Ca Mau Province, hormone, tp.hcm).

Comprehensive hospital in operation, but fortunately the girl's death.

According to the local people's hospital designated 115 girls in emergency transfer time, improve the patient's chest, pregnant 16 - 17 weeks.

Doctor Chen said, when the hero who underwent surgery, didn't know she was pregnant.

However, health secretary Pei Xingming or tp.hcm state, a dangerous risk factors during pregnancy, so before the surgery, the doctor must check to assess the risk of patients during surgery.

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Evaluate your current job, the doctor said do not know the hero Li tons is reasonable pregnant patients.

After the incident, a 22 year old pregnant woman in the health sector, Dr. tp.hcm asked to cease all attacks on the outskirts of the hero Li molar surgery at any facility.

At the same time requiring hospital doctors after hours before surgery to allow doctors to explain why pregnant women's breasts for molars.

It is understood that in addition to the work, there are a ton of heroes in the BV tp.hcm molar, doctors, clinics and plastic surgery registration work overtime in 2 hospitals, including bv BV, another private.

Professional activities include doctors work overtime to create heroes cheek dimples, Gong Gong dry tattoo eyebrow, eyebrow shaping cheekbones, chin, chin plastic split, l m, skin repair area of the face and neck. Shaping the eyelids, nose, lips, ears.

Before that, I in April, Joan, you do breast augmentation surgery. 10 days later, the wound fluid you are tired, breathing difficulties, should go to the clinic examination, and then in the BV hormone comprehensive medical area.

The accident found in severe cases, the patient was transferred to the BV 115 treatment but not perfect. Then please take home the family of victims of death.

According to the comprehensive diagnosis of regional bv hormone and bv 115 people, 22 year old girl - shock after infection to the breast pocket.

The health department leaders designated to perform tp.hcm augmentation is contraindicated in pregnant girl.

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