What bedding hiccups due to "her husband's fault" and how cash for sex smart wife award

K and I met the edge, so in these years, at the age of 40, two people have experienced life milepost. At that time, we had just divorced her husband / wife and children are leaving university.

The marriage head, "it is always a battle for my ex husband", because he thinks I have desires too low. However, when I started dating K., I realized that I was no problem, my blanket and pillow. K. very hard to travel together with my love is very exciting.
We are a small wedding Jav Bukkake ceremony and the participation of children and dear friends. The time of the marriage, "he said," "between her husband and wife in different time, love, passion, excitement, but when we enter. At the age of 50, especially when I am 56 years old, K. 59. Life has taken the real meaning. The biggest reason is from K. make the ocean function disorder.

At first, K did not want to admit you have a problem. When our relationship, he did not want to go, you will take the body because of too tired or tense. You really work intensity, I think this might be the reason. But when the conditions continue, or my own reasons is not attractive enough.

Of course, I know that your problem is a problem, the body is real. But even if the husband had also baobuqi self-esteem, what you wear, you try to attract her attention, but I just express the pain and struggle, as I am. I worry about getting old, what will happen if. Someone younger than me pretty sexy signal enabled?

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K and many of my friends say this is certainly not the reason later. At the age of 56, I got a relative figure so many people envy and praise. I also found out that I can't see, if an objective method. But what I can't make her husband "love"?

The situation became tense, in an intimate contact, I suggest that the direct use of K. to help me solve method. As you said, said angrily: I should find a lover on the outside. The morning of the second day, we have to sit down and chat. I told you, I don't care about your sexual life of husband and wife, and your health. Fortunately, you're finally going to see the doctor.

In the K. examination of health, everything becomes more favorable. Now my husband to take the medicine every day, we comfort each other love interest. I know you hate the fact that the medicines they need to "love" the wife, but this is the only way. Luckily, the drug has no side effects, but my husband is being touched. The doctor also actively encourage your team and also listen to K, though sometimes a little reluctant.
Our expert advice, "he" is not only a close friend, our life. Her guiding technology began to subtle "things" happen more easily and.
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I believe you and I are aware of the problem, but I chose not to say this thing you face clearly. Even if we go to a place, talk privately about the problems occurred in the life of the child, I did not use the exact "erectile dysfunction Yang" told him, I think I am a man is big. It affects a lot of style, he is in bed.

The problem, because the husband and wife to solve a clever boy.
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