You're killing yourself when bringing fairy tail porn a mobile phone into the toilet

Along with the development of modern society and the boom in information technology, the mobile phone becomes indispensable items in human life, even as real objects separated for a no small parts. We carry cell phones go everywhere, they are present in most of the events in our lives. However, this routine brings more harm than you thought!

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Placed near sleeping places

In the United States, more than 70% of users share with the phone every night and to not miss any calls, rescue messages. However, this habit has caused quite a lot of negative impact to our health. First, it is the main cause of insomnia, sleep not asleep by the restless must constantly check your phone. More dangerous, the electromagnetic waves emitted by cell phones have adverse impact on the brain, is the source of these headaches, brain tumor ... The use of mobile phones in the dark before sleeping causes reduced vision, eye strain, dry eyes.

And yet, the last time no less the phone case to put on the bed explodes on record around the world. However, this is the equipment needed in places, especially the hard surface, helping to reduce the increasing battery temperature as well as lower the risk of fire and explosion.

Mobile phones affect our health?

A study showed that mobile phones don't cause significant health consequences but still need more convincing than the evidence to confirm this. The Bureau of food and pharmaceutical management America said: "Based on the current figures, we still haven't found the scientific evidence to prove the relationship between the phone and your health. However, we need more research to make sure of the effects when using the phone for a long time for people and especially children ".

However, experts still recommend that we should not carry the phone around or put them in places extremely familiar as clothing bags, bedside ... by the unforeseen harm that mobile phones can cause.

In your Pocket

"Wave of cell phone radiation can affect our health by millions"-the epidemiology Devra Lee Davis insisted. Some experts also agree that the phone can cause a range of negative effects on vital organs of the body. Currently, people usually put the phone in your pocket, jacket pocket to avoid missed calls or messages if for them into bags, Laptop Backpacks, folders ... However, this routine brings more harm than you thought!

For men, who often put the phone in your pocket, wireless radiation will significantly reduce the number of sperm, causing osteoporosis and pelvic region becomes weaker-the results come from a study in 2009. About the females, they may be the cause of the tumor is dangerous if placed in the Pocket, the location near the chest. On long form cancer evil monsters.

In addition to brain tumor, cell phone waves also caused harm series include oxidative imbalance, alter the activity of the brain and affect neurons mature, reducing the ability to listen to and reproduce ... The World Health Organization recommended people should put the phone away from the body approximately 30 cm and use equipment such as headphones every time hear call to avoid placing head cause negative influence. Although this organization said up to now I still don't have the confirmed for sure about the harmful effects of mobile health.


This is the area of hiding dozens of kinds of bacteria and viruses. They are usually signed born in toilets, faucets, floor, door handles and even toilet paper. In particular, the bacteria causing the toilet wiper flies across the air, dispersed and easily hang on anywhere, including the beloved cell phone which was very dirty. Use the phone will then lead to dangerous skin infections disease. Experts advise that should close the lid before the best tank wiper and should let the phone away from the toilet at least 1.5 metres to ensure health.

Besides, the habit of Warsaw under the cricket baby into the toilet is the cause you have the risk of back pain, fatigue, because people have to stick tightly to the tank for too long. On average take only 5 minutes to go to the bathroom, now with the support of mobile numbers then increased depending on the strength of the wifi.

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